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A Rainbow of Colour: Kiki’s New Special Editions

10 Nov, 2016

Kiki’s Special Editions this year are full of exciting designs and striking colour combinations.

Some of the beautiful gemstones Kiki has particularly enjoyed experimenting with are Morganite, Kunzite, Green Beryl, African Mint Tourmaline and Mandarin Garnet. Kiki has selected each stone for it’s beautiful colour and stand-out quality, and has set each stone with Diamonds to add extra sparkle.

Kiki’s Special Editions include a selection of beautiful pastel coloured rings. “I love cocktail rings. They are so wearable and add a touch of glamour to any outfit. I wear mine throughout the day, from meetings in the morning to dinners in the evening.” Kiki

Kiki has also created some exquisite Special Edition necklaces this year, from the delicate and versatile…

…to the elegant show stoppers.

Green Amethyst and Pink Tourmaline Three Tier Drop Necklace

These spectacular statement pieces can be found exclusively at our flagship store.

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