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Famous for her striking colour combinations and timeless, wearable designs, Kiki McDonough has become one of the most desirable British fine jewellery brands.

With over 35 years’ experience, she has built up a reputation for using exquisite stones in her designs. Each one is hand chosen for its exceptional quality, most importantly colour and clarity. Kiki only selects the purest of stones and the prettiest of colours to create her stunning pieces. Each Kiki Uniques piece will have carat weight specifications which can be found on our website.

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Leading the way in modern fine jewellery design, Kiki believes that women should build a collection of wearable fine jewellery that can be enjoyed and loved every day. With a clientele made up of style conscious women of all ages, Kiki designs with every woman in mind, regardless of age or situation.

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Kiki Uniques are full of exciting designs and striking colour combinations. Gemstones are cut from rough to make Kiki’s desired design but in some cases Kiki finds unusual rarer stones that are so spectacular she is inspired to design a beautiful piece around that stone.

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Every stone is hand selected from reputable stone dealers and sourced from all around the world. From our Morganite stones which originate from Madagascar and Brazil, to our Fire Opals which have been sourced from Mexico, they are selected by Kiki herself. The Diamonds used in Kiki’s pieces are all VVs/GH or above quality so will continue to sparkle as the years go by.

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Inspired by her customers, lifestyle and the ballet, Kiki’s passion for colour, elegance and workmanship can be seen in every piece of Kiki’s jewellery.

One of Kiki's first collection, her iconic double oval stud earrings, were inspired by the beautiful and colourful costumes from Sleeping Beauty 24 years ago.

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The Kiki McDonough brand has grown rapidly over the past decade, and is now recognised across the globe. As the brand expands into new regions, Kiki McDonough will continue to pioneer the use of unique and unusual gemstones in vibrant and daring colour combinations.

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Our flagship Shop is based just off Sloane Square in London, on Symons Street.



What inspired you to launch Kiki McDonough?

“I am from a jewellery background, but my family previously sold antique jewellery, so when I started my business in 1985 I was never scared about wearing fine jewellery and was completely at home with gemstones. I have always loved coloured gemstones and thought they were underrated, undervalued and needed to be enjoyed and worn in beautiful designs.”


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