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Bubbles: The New Collection

26 Sep, 2019 Cressida Bonas wearing Bubbles jewellery

The connection between jewellery and celebration has been around since the dawn of time. Ancient Queens were crowned in the finest jewels around and gifted gold and precious gemstones by visiting royalty during great feasts and raucous parties.

Kiki wanted to create a collection that represented this powerful connection and as Kiki cheerfully remarks “what says celebration more than raising a glass of champagne with your family and friends?”.

The Bubbles collection has been inspired by celebrating life’s momentous milestones, where champagne flows freely and memories are made.

Bubbles product image featuring bubbles ring
Bubbles earrings in blue topaz
Bubbles product image featuring rings

The Bubbles’ collection launches today with a stunning range of rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces all featuring the unique Bubbles motif.

Each piece is set in 18ct Gold embellished in pave diamonds that resemble the fizz in a glass of bubbles. For this contemporary collection, Kiki selected her favourite showstopping gemstones such as vibrant Fire Opal, rare Peridot and the spectacular Amethyst.

As Kiki once said, “buy jewellery to cherish, that can be worn from day-to-night”, a sentiment that inspired the versatility of this collection. The Bubbles collection features pieces such as these striking Fire Opal Drop earrings that add a splash of colour to everyday looks. These sparkling earrings are the perfect gift to celebrate the important women in your life.

Bubbles Fire Opal earrings

This Lemon Quartz and Peridot pendant is a lovely accessory which can transform a daytime look to an evening gem. Set in 18ct Yellow Gold, the pave Diamond design beautifully brings out the subtle shades of Lemon Quartz and the contrasting vibrancy of Peridot.

Bubbles pendant on model
Bubbles product image featuring lemon quartz and peridot bubbles jewellery

This collection is not solely about celebrating your loved ones but also about treating yourself. As a modern women, Kiki knows how busy life can get, juggling work, parental duties, as well as making time for yourself. Kiki wanted to create a collection that is colourful, elegant and sophisticated, that represents the celebration of your achievements.

As summer comes to an end and the wait for the next party season begins, add a little sparkle into your life with our Bubbles collection.

Modelled by actress Cressida Bonas

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