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“I drew a circle and started thinking about the sun, and its rays of light,” Kiki explains. “Apollo was the mythological god of sun and light, and his name also ends in an O, a circle, so that’s how this collection’s name – and its defining motif – came about.”


Particularly striking coloured stones include Aquamarine for March, Ruby for July and the Emerald for May, however, all twelve options showcase the most exquisite stones that have been chosen for their quality, lustre and meaning. Since ancient times birthstones have long been associated with wellness and good fortune, and Kiki wanted to incorporate them into a modern yet timeless design.


A specially curated collection featuring some of the best loved pieces for Brides, Bridesmaids, and Mother's of the Bride or Groom.


The connection between jewellery and celebration has been around since the dawn of time. Kiki wanted to create a collection that represented this powerful connection and as Kiki cheerfully remarks “what says celebration more than raising a glass of champagne with your family and friends?” The Bubbles collection has been inspired by celebrating life’s momentous milestones, where champagne flows freely and memories are made.


You have the earrings - now get the pendant and ring to match! Kiki's classic Cushion Cut gemstone with diamond and gold settings

Detachable Drops

Build your collection of interchangeable KIKI detachable drops. Mix and match different styles with classic, tapered, and double diamond hoops in white and yellow gold.

Diamond Studs

Kiki has created a striking range of Diamond stud earrings as “a great alternative to traditional studs, for those people who would prefer something more interesting. Our Diamond stud designs are as perfect for everyday wear as they are in the evening and for taking on holiday.”


The Eden Collection showcases Kiki’s love of vibrant gemstones and fun designs. The Eden gemstone and diamond flowers, butterflies and hearts on delicate 18ct gold chains are easy and enjoyable to wear. The collection includes simple pave diamond pieces as well as bolder designs featuring faceted flower cut gemstones.


Fantasy’s design is based on the repetition of a versatile and feminine circle motif, symbolising a series of significant discoveries or moments in life. “At the heart of each circle, to emphasise their brilliant sparkle is a pop of colour.” The collection is intricate with graceful simplicity.


Kiki remembers visiting the Royal Hospital Gardens in Chelsea, London, as a child – Sergeant Duke would blow his whistle if children were seen picking flowers, and Kiki’s favourite was the little wildflower. A symbol of love and remembrance, its pretty pastel shades are reflected through the use of coloured gemstones


Kiki's elegant Grace Collection is both understated and distinctive, featuring simple pieces that can be worn every day. The collection includes rings, pendants and earrings using coloured gemstones surrounded by pave set diamonds set in 18ct gold. “I love my Grace Collection for its simplicity; the designs suit everyone, making it the perfect gift.”

KIKI Classics

Timeless designs featuring beautifully cut gemstones set in gold settings. I loved re-inventing some of my original designs and playing with new colour ways.

Kiki Hoops

The perfect start to your Kiki Collection - Kiki Hoops can be worn on their own or with a drop from the Detachable Drop Collection


Kiki’s Grandmother had a diamond brooch that she loved and admired as a child, the centre-piece of which was to become the inspiration for this collection. Recalling fond childhood memories, Kiki speaks of being captivated by the delicate shape and intricacy of the brooch, reminding her of hand-sewn, French Chantilly lace.


Inspired by the beautiful British ballet dancer Lauren Cuthbertson the “Lauren” collection has been expanded upon this year. Kiki, who is well known for her love of the ballet regularly attributes her creative inspiration to visits to the ballet. She has been a huge admirer of Lauren’s dancing for many years and designed a collection of leaf motif inspired by Lauren’s performances.


Lola is a contemporary collection, centred around interlocking and intertwining circular motifs. Featuring Diamonds set in 18ct White and Yellow Gold, the pieces will complement your current jewellery collection. New pendants, rings and necklaces join one of Kiki's most loved collections.


Bumblebees, elephants, tortoises and monkeys are amongst the unique, jovial designs captured within the collection. Characterful and distinctive, they are perfect for every day, and look great worn on their own or layered with other KIKI bracelets. A playful nod to the sentiment of wearing your heart on your sleeve, they are first and foremost fun, designed to catch your eye and make you smile, and to remind you of a special place, person or time…


Kiki uses white gold, yellow gold and Diamonds for her Pearl designs because these materials “subtly complement rather than detract from the wonderfully distinctive, natural, iridescent sheen”. Pearls are thought to symbolise purity and innocence, so they are often chosen by brides.


Kiki gravitates towards light and warmth, as showcased in her Signatures collection, which is imbued with colour and vivacity. This edit of contemporary earrings and necklaces features Lemon Quartz, Green Amethyst, Peridot, Blue Topaz, Morganite and Champagne Quartz in modern shapes with fashion-forward finishing touches


While on a train compiling one of many ‘to do’ lists, Kiki began to adapt and admire the actual form of the writing itself. Always an admirer of calligraphy, the new Squiggles Collection is inspired not only by the letters themselves, but the name Squiggles itself, which is reflected within the unique designs of these beautiful and delicate initials.


Whilst coming up with ideas for 2020 Chelsea in Bloom theme of Extraordinary Voyages, Kiki loved the idea of voyages into space. ⁠ ⁠ Kiki was enthralled with the detailed images of stars⁠ and solar systems she came across. ⁠ The stars had aligned, and Stardust was born.

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