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Freya, The New Fan-Inspired Collection

10 May, 2019 Freya-header

Admiring beautifully illustrated fans is a tradition we’re happy to continue. There are some items from the wardrobes of history that should never see the light of day again – corsets and bustles be gone! – but fans, which were the inspiration for this exquisite new collection from Kiki McDonough, are here to stay. As Kiki says, “they have always been recognised internationally as symbols of style and sophistication,” which has resulted in an enduring popularity in fashion and culture. “They also remind me of trips to the Orient where fans are treated as works of art in their own right. Madam Butterfly is my favourite opera and fans often appear in the magnificent productions as part of the costumes.”

Last summer’s heat wave – kick-starting widespread joy that fizzled out into fatigue – might not seem the most obvious source of jewellery inspiration, but in fact it was, as Kiki explains. “The summer was so long and hot that I designed paper fans covered in images of all my jewellery. They were so pretty and everyone loved them, so I decided I should incorporate the shape of a fan into the next collection.”

So Freya, launching today, comprises exquisite drop earrings, bracelets, rings and pendant necklaces with a striking fan design, featuring some of Kiki’s favourite gemstones; Blue Topaz, pale pink Morganite, vibrant green Peridot, White Topaz and Green Amethyst.

The collection’s name fittingly means noblewoman or lady, and you all seem to love it too; Freya was in the top 20 most popular name for baby girls in the UK last year. The Chinese character for ‘fan’ (扇) is derived from a picture of feathers under a roof, which we think is a charming way of representing such an elegant, decorative collection.

Modelled by the talented actress Cressida Bonas.

Visit the new Freya Collection here.

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