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Lauren: New Additions

09 Oct, 2019

For many years, Kiki’s lifelong passion for the ballet has inspired many of her brand’s timeless designs. From the Aurora collection to the unique colour combinations, Kiki regularly cites her visits to the ballet as her main inspiration behind these designs.

Today the influence of the ballet takes centre stage again with the launch of new additions to the Lauren collection, a very special collection inspired by the principal ballerina of the Royal Ballet and the patron of London Children’s Ballet, Lauren Cuthbertson.

Since the launch of the collection in 2015, it has become one of Kiki’s most loved collections. The beautiful pendants and earrings were inspired by Lauren’s wonderful performance as Alice in Alice in Wonderland. Each piece features a pretty leaf motif which were inspired by the the falling leaves in the opening scene of the show.

Lauren Cuthbertson wearing her collection

Kiki designed pieces with the delicate diamond detailing to capture the elegant simplicity of Lauren’s movements on stage. “I have always been a huge admirer of Lauren’s dancing, so it was an absolute delight to design jewellery inspired by her,” remarks Kiki.

The collection features earrings, pendants, rings and bracelets set in 18ct Yellow and White Gold. Like earlier pieces, each new addition is designed with the exquisite leaf motif. Some feature a classic pave diamond and others feature just a scattering.

The additions include these Diamond Triple Leaf Earrings and Pendant set in 18ct Yellow Gold. The dazzle of the diamonds adds a touch of sophistication to everyday looks.


Whether you’re looking for gifts or new jewellery for yourself, these new arrivals can be worn on any occasion. To find out more about this collection, visit the Lauren Collection. 

Kiki and Lauren in 2015

Kiki and Lauren at the Press Launch for the Lauren Collection and Special Editions 2019

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