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Special Editions 2020

07 Nov, 2019 Lauren Cuthbertson wearing Special Editions

Actress Cressida Bonas and Lauren Cuthbertson, the principal ballerina at the Royal Ballet have kindly joined Kiki to model this year’s exclusive collection.


For several years, Kiki McDonough has been known for her use of colourful gemstones in her jewellery. Each year, the list of new and striking colour combinations grows. From classic Morganite and Lemon Quartz to vibrant Tanzanite and Aquamarine, Kiki has created the 2020 “Special Editions” collection to showcase her signature love of coloured gemstones. “I wanted this year’s Special Editions to be all about the stones – their striking hues and spectacular quality,” stated Kiki when asked about the inspiration behind this collection.


This 2020 ‘Special Editions’ collection launches today and is an exclusive array of one-of-a-kind earrings, necklaces and rings which feature showstopping gemstones, exquisite diamond detailing and refreshingly contemporary shapes. Each stone has been carefully selected for its exceptional quality, striking colour and the settings which required intricate, expert craftsmanship. Kiki chose the gemstones with the most vibrant, citrus yellow hues when creating these Special Edition Marquise Lemon Quartz and Diamond earrings.

special edition tanzanite freya ring

Often called the most valuable of gemstones, it is no surprise that Kiki used Tanzanite to create this exquisite Special Edition Diamond ring in 18ct White Gold. A pear-cut Tanzanite stone is surrounded by an expertly crafted pave Diamond setting. The intricate diamond fan detail either side of the stone was inspired by Kiki’s trip to Asia and the beautiful handcrafted fans she saw. This motif is also found in our Freya collection, which was released earlier this year and modelled by actress Cressida Bonas.

special edition asymmetric morganite and green tourmaline earrings
cressida bonas wearing special edition jewellery

Cressida Bonas wears a new design for 2020, large drop earrings featuring an asymmetric Mint Tourmaline and Morganite Design. These stunning earrings are perfect for those who want to embrace their individuality and favour the soft hues of these coloured gemstones.

Cressida also wears the exceptional Special Edition Morganite, Beryl and Diamond Necklace in 18ct White Gold. The scattering Diamonds complement the pale pink hues of the Morganite stones and the bring out the warmth of the multi-colour Beryl stones.

exquisite necklace and mirror

Beryl is one of the exquisite stones which is known to promote marital love, maintain youthfulness and protect travellers from danger. It is loved by Kiki because of its light and warmth, which she gravitates towards.

Lauren Cuthbertson wearing special edition beryl necklace

Lauren Cuthbertson wears the spectacular Special Edition Beryl and Diamond Filigree Necklace in 18ct White Gold. The warm blue shades of this gemstone are beautifully enhanced by the dazzling Diamond filigree arrangement which surrounds it in this elegant necklace.

Each Special Editions piece of jewellery features a timeless design which can be worn on any occasion. With Christmas around the corner, treat your loved ones or yourself with a truly unique piece.

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