Special Editions

Each spectacular Special Edition piece, whether a necklace, cocktail ring or pair of earrings, is inspired by the gemstones sourced by Kiki

Kiki's Special Editions

The 2020 Collection features more unique stones than ever before, each in a unique design. These are truly one-of-a-kind pieces.

Each stone has been carefully chosen for its exceptional quality and striking colour, and the exquisite settings require intricate, expert craftsmanship.

This year Kiki has focused on brand new designs, colour mixing gemstones, and incorporating favourite collections into one-off pieces.


Baby pink Morganite is Kiki’s favourite hue of this well-loved gemstone. Also called Pink Beryl, Morganite was discovered on an island off the coast of Madagascar in 1910.

This year’s Special Edition Collection features Morganite in deep hues, unusual shapes, and presented with other gemstones.

“It comes in a slightly peachy colour and in baby pink. The latter is becoming very difficult to find – if you have any baby pink Morganite, hang on to it! It’s a feminine stone and very pretty”


A distinctive green Peridot was believed to instil power and influence in the wearer, it’s one of the few gemstones that occur in only one colour.

Kiki’s favourite stone, this year’s collection includes pendants, earrings, and rings in the distinctive colour.


The rarer stones in the Special Edition Collection feature Aquamarines, Fire Opals, Tourmalines, Beryls, and Iolites.

Each stone is hand-selected by Kiki who designs each individual piece around the personality of the stone.

“Colour is one of my biggest inspirations and each piece of jewellery I design should make the wearer look and feel prettier than they did before. I love the colours of the stones I use and the way they light up the face and hands”

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