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The Show Must Go On: Kiki McDonough Celebrates Ballet’s Return

08 Oct, 2020

Launching A Christmas Collection Modelled By Lauren Cuthbertson, Principal Ballerina

As part of Kiki’s ongoing commitment to supporting dance and the performing arts, she has chosen once again to work with the wonderful Prima Ballerina, Lauren Cuthbertson.

Lauren, a Principal of The Royal Ballet, modelled the new ‘Kiki Uniques’ as well as a selection of other new designs being released this Christmas.

‘After so many productions were tragically cancelled this year, I am delighted to see ballet performances will return in time for the Christmas season. In recognition of my admiration for the world-class ballerinas who have not had the year they expected, I have chosen to put it in the spotlight off-stage too, with Lauren modelling our new pieces for Christmas’.




The ‘Kiki Unique’ earrings worn by Lauren have been designed using clean, classic shapes embellished with bright stones and delicate diamonds. The stones have been carefully selected and perfectly matched to ensure every piece of jewellery stands the test of time and remains as brilliantly flawless as the first time they are worn.

Striking stones used in the Kiki Uniques collection modelled by Lauren include; Beryl, Morganite, Zircon, Green Amethyst, Tourmaline, Rubellite, Tanzanite, Iolite and Fire Opal.

One of Kiki’s Multi Gemstone Pendants


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