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14 Sep, 2018 model wears necklace

“Going to work can feel like Groundhog Day! Sometimes you look at your work wardrobe and think, ‘Oh not that again’. Well – I do!” Kiki declares, smiling. “Having some pretty earrings in my ears livens up my outfit, and always makes me feel a little bit happier.” Kiki’s ethos resonates with many of us – and September is the perfect month to inject some energy back into your workwear edit.  Cooler weather inevitably means a more sombre wardrobe – goodbye sundresses and sunglasses, hello thick tights and boots.

Coloured gemstones are a brilliant way to liven up your autumnal work wardobe. “People are too timid about the jewellery they wear to work,” Kiki says. “It’s so nice to walk into the office wearing a striking pair of earrings – something light and pretty.” Be inspired by her words, be bright and be bold – here’s our edit of the top 10 pieces of jewellery to wear to work this autumn:


1. Diamond Stud Earrings

These new diamond stud earrings bring a 21st century twist to a traditional look.


2. Forget me Not Necklace

A sophisticated, delicate yellow gold necklace with a pop of colour at its centre.


3. Pearl Earrings

These classic, exquisitely iridescent stones are set within contemporary designs.


4. Apollo Stud Earrings

Sunshine for your ears, thanks to sparkling diamonds and vibrant gemstones.


5. Amity Necklaces

A gold and diamond necklace goes with everything – the ultimate all-rounder.


6. Grace Stud Earrings

These earrings will make you smile when you put them on in the morning.


7. Kiki Classics

Make a true Kiki style statement in one of her most iconic, colourful designs.


8. Forget Me Not Detachable Drop Earrings

Two pairs in one – beautifully subtle hoops, with detachable gemstone drops.


9. Eden Necklaces

As pretty as it is striking, wear an Eden necklace from morning until the after-party.


10. Eternal Bangles

Slim, elegant gold bangles, perfect for everyday, set with vibrant gemstones.


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