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What To Wear: Parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year

07 Nov, 2018 party model

November is in full swing. Bonfire Night has passed in a blaze of sparklers and skies sketched with kaleidoscopic, candy-coloured patterns, and the countdown to Christmas is on! Mince pies and mulled wine, twinkling lights in Sloane Square and decorations across the country get us in the Christmas spirit.  Diaries are filling up with drinks parties, carol concerts, evenings out to the theatre or ballet and, of course, Christmas itself.

Whether you’re at home with family, celebrating with friends or abroad, “this is the occasion to wear the jewels!” declares Kiki. “Christmas is so special for all of us. It’s the perfect day to dress up, and wear a really great pair of earrings –there’s no excuse not to!” It’s the time of year, adds Kiki, who is sporting her own pair of statement earrings, “to take out your favourite jewellery; put it on, love it and don’t take it off!”

As any good American will tell you, the real festive period starts with Thanksgiving on 22 November. As you raise a glass and feast on turkey and pumpkin pie, be sure to wear your favourite jewellery. There’s no need to worry if a pair of earrings adheres to a Black Tie dress code, or if a necklace ticks the boxes of wonderfully vague instructions like Dress To Impress or Christmas Casual. “Jewellery doesn’t sit with dress codes,” explains Kiki. “I know people who will wear Diamonds or coloured gemstones with jeans, or with black trousers out to dinner, and others who dress them up with a cocktail dress.”

For a special occasion, you need look no further than the brand new Special Editions. As Kiki says, “they’re great for Christmas and parties because, as the name suggests, they’re truly special! They’re designed with stones I can’t normally get again. What a lovely treat to find under the tree… although no one has ever given me jewellery. Why would they? I have a whole shop full of it!” She adds, smiling: “We go for shoes instead!”

Unwrap beautiful jewellery on Christmas Day, plan your New Year’s Eve outfit around it and then, as Kiki does, “wear it all through January to brighten up the month!” Whatever the occasion, here is our selection of party-perfect jewels to see you through any social event that November and December might bring:


1. Lavender Amethyst & Diamond Necklace

Wear to lunch, to the ballet, to church & everywhere in between. Why not?


2. Morganite, Green Amethyst & Diamond Necklace

Pay homage to Mother Nature & one of her very prettiest colour combinations.


3. Morganite & Diamond Ring

This show-stopper will start conversations & who knows where those might lead?


4. Tanzanite & Diamond Ring

Tanzanite is the December birthstone, for those looking for ‘something blue’.


5. Beryl & Diamond Earrings

The queen of hearts; hold court in these elegant, sunshine-yellow earrings.


6. Morganite & Diamond Earrings

The prettiest of pinks, teamed with Diamonds & White Gold. Perfect with a glass of champagne.


7. Green Tourmaline & Diamond Earrings

These dazzling green earrings want to stay out late & so will you.


8. Beryl & White Topaz Diamond Earrings

Sparkling white & mint green combine for elegance and sophistication.



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