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Which Gemstones Suit You

04 Sep, 2019 header gemstones

For years, Kiki has been known for her striking colour combinations and a spectrum of vibrant gemstones. With such a diverse array of colours, it can often be hard to choose which gemstones best complement your colouring. You may be a lover of Blue Topaz but a little bit of experimentation may prove Citrine and Fire Opal are the ones to make your eyes sparkle. Ultimately, all gemstones can work for everyone but once you find your gemstone, you’ll never want to take it off!

Step 1: Choose your Gold

As if the choice of gemstone wasn’t overwhelming enough, our jewellery is available in 18ct White, Rose and Yellow Gold. As a general rule, the more vibrant gemstones shine the best set in Yellow Gold. Those with a more subtle colour, such as Morganite and Lavender Amethyst, can be more freely paired alongside White, Yellow or Rose Gold.


Step 2: Choose a Gemstone

Blue Topaz Collage

This is one of the most popular gemstones and the most common colour of Topaz. Kiki describes it as a very versatile gemstone which can be quite sporty and fun when set in Yellow Gold.  This dazzling stone works best paired alongside Peridot or Citrine. Blue Topaz is universally flattering, but looks exceptionally radiant with fair hair and blue eyes.

Fire Opal Collage

With its vibrant and playful colours, this gemstone never fails to make a bold statement. Kiki favours the rarest Fire Opal which has an intense red-orange hue. From understated everyday outfits to evening wear, this adds a touch of fiery elegance. For those with blonde or red hair, this stone is made for you.

morganite banner

Kiki describes Morganite as a feminine stone, very pretty and unique as it’s shades can range from soft blush tones to a warm peach. The paler variations work best with Green Amethyst to create a soft and delicate piece. Kiki tends to pair Morganite alongside White Gold to best bring out it’s pink hues, but it is equally lovely set in Yellow Gold.

Peridot Collage

Combined with Yellow Gold, Peridot is an eye-catching look which is perfect for the warmer months. This is Kiki’s favourite stone because of its bold hues and versatility. “If it looks pretty on you, it goes with everything” says Kiki.  It particularly suits brown hair and fair skin or darker hair and olive skin. Pair it alongside more subtle gemstones like Lemon Quartz, or vibrant Citrine for a more striking look. 

Amethyst Collage

Amethyst is the showstopper of gemstones. “If you suit Amethyst jewellery, it’s just spectacular” says Kiki. This versatile stone can range from a deep violet to a lavender. The lighter and softer shades are best suited to White Gold, whereas the more vibrant shades work with all types of gold. When worn with Blue Topaz or Green Amethyst, this gemstone truly sparkles. Against fair skin and lighter hair colours, this stone is especially spectacular.

Citrine Collage

Citrine is November’s Birthstone but don’t let that stop you from adding this vibrant colour to your palette if you’re not a November baby! Kiki describes it as “It’s never in or out of style”. Warmer skin tones and dark locks bring out the radiance of this stunning gemstone. It works best when combined with Blue Topaz or Lemon Quartz and Yellow Gold. It is the perfect autumnal stone.

With this guide, we’ve only scratched the surface. There are so many other gemstones such as Rubellite, Beryl, Tourmaline – to name a few. If you want to have a more personalised discussion of what colours work for you, contact us to book your free colour consultation.

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