Thandi Maqubela

Thandi Maqubela

Meet Thandi Maqubela – The beautiful and talented Corporate Lawyer and Instagram Style Icon

What do you get if you cross a Corporate Lawyer with a fashion icon….the awe-inspiring Thandi Maqubela. As our Kiki Woman of the Month, we sat with Thandi at one of our favourite London bars to talk about her remarkable career to date, her love of fashion and jewellery and how she has become an Instagram sensation.

What is your greatest achievement?

From a professional developmental perspective, I’m quite proud of being a dual jurisdiction lawyer, having been admitted as a solicitor both here in the UK and in South Africa, where I am from. From a career perspective, it would be when I made it through a particularly gruelling promotion to be appointed as Legal Director at my current firm.

What three words would you use to describe yourself?

Loving, Loyal, Ambitious

Favourite piece of Kiki jewellery? 

I absolutely love the understated elegance of the Lola Diamond Double Cross Ring. I also fell head over heels in love with the two new Cushion rings we stacked in the ballroom.

What makes you feel powerful? 

Being able to be gentle and kind in the face of a challenge or adversity. I think there’s immeasurable power and grace in that and I admire women who are able to do this with finesse.

Go to fashion statement? 

It has to be a great pair of heels paired with a fabulous mini dress.

How did a Corporate Lawyer end up becoming an Instagram fashion icon? 

This is a great compliment – thank you! As with most people, I think I started using the platform to show various snapshots of my life which invariably included my love of fashion. I think of it as a fun, creative outlet which is different in focus to my day job.

What is on the cards for the next twelve months? 

If this year is anything to go by I think it’s going to be quite hard to be tied to a specific plan, which I’ve come to learn is no bad thing. From a personal perspective I’m hoping to be able to travel home to South Africa for Christmas to see my family, not having the option to do this during the year has been quite hard. There are a few exciting things on the horizon in terms of my career and my role which I’m really looking forward to.