As a company we are committed to ensuring best practice across our business, from our day to day operations, through to our supply chain. Our decision making is based on future proofing, and we strive for responsible, ethical, fairtrade social and environmental practices.​

We are a proud member of the Responsible Jewellery Council having received our independently audited accreditation in September 2023. The RJC are the world's independent leading sustainability standard setting organisation for the jewellery and watch industry.

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The beauty of fine 18ct Gold Jewellery is that it is recyclable, and we are here to ensure your piece is loved, and re-loved for years to come.​

We commit to maintaining any of your pieces for the duration of their life. This is a paid for service, rather like servicing your car. Maintenance such as regular cleaning, a complimentary instore service, or ring resizing and general repairs for wear and tear at a small cost, will prolong the life of your piece.​

As life changes, so do our needs. Our pieces are of exceptional quality made to be restyled and worn again and again in different ways.​

We offer a Bespoke service to remodel a piece of your Kiki jewellery or to create a perfect new piece from your own stones. A wonderful way to create a something special that is truly unique to you.

With every purchase you make, a tree is planted.


With every purchase made at Kiki McDonough, a tree is planted. It’s no secret that trees are one of the best tools we have for fighting climate change. Not only do they absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, they also prevent the spread of desertification, replenish the soil, and provide homes for wildlife.​

Treepoints plant trees in Haiti, Kenya, Mozambique, Nicaragua and many other countries around the world. This makes sure that the positive work of our partnership is spread as widely as possible. As well as taking CO2 out of the atmosphere, the tree planting schemes provide important socio-economic benefits for communities. This includes creating steady employment with a fair wage, which gives people access to medicine, the opportunity to build houses and education. These projects are all managed and closely monitored on the ground by Eden Reforestation Projects.  



Here at Kiki McDonough, we hold authenticity and passion at our core, working together and inspiring each other to achieve our goals. We are focused on motivating and collaborating across departments, ensuring we deliver exceptional product and experience to our customers.

Customer focused: 

Kiki’s customers have always been one of her main sources of inspiration. We aim to deliver an outstanding experience every time a client interacts with us across our network.

Committed to our people:

We are committed to the wellbeing, safety and growth of our employees.

We are passionate about what we do. Striving towards a shared vision, we work with focus, determination and creativity, to collectively deliver our goals across multi-disciplinary departments

Forward thinking:

We aim to approach things in a logical, analytical forward thinking way. We continuously challenge each other to make sure we make decisions and take actions that create constant value for and to future proof our business and our customer base.

Always with a Sense of Humour:

Hugely important to us, a sense of humour is at the heart of our approach and integral to our company culture at Kiki McDonough. Utlised to navigate the day to day challenges of running a business, we encourage a cheery approach to all projects and our daily interactions.


"Our customers are above all what inspire us.
I love seeing women wear my designs"

-Kiki McDonough

Led by our Founder and Creative Director Kiki McDonough, we create fine jewellery of exceptional quality, designed to elevate the everyday. Still intimately involved in the design and production process, Kiki leads a team of designers and merchandisers, working with our global supply chain of jewellery artisans, to produce pieces that will remain as intricately modern as they are classic. In fact, we are unashamedly classic and proud of it, focusing on timeless, investment pieces to be worn and loved by generations. Working only with the finest gemstones from around the world, ensuring each Kiki piece remains as brilliantly flawless as the first time they are worn.