The Kiki Tiara

Introducing The Kiki Tiara inspired by starburst, constellations and light, the stunning design is intricate in detail yet in Kiki's signature style, intrinsically modern and wearable.

Designed to simulate shards of ice in sunburst formation emitting from the front centre contained within a narrow diamond-set border, set with brilliant-cut diamonds throughout, inner length approximately 313mm, struck 750 kiki on the inner edge of the band. 

Kiki McDonough is proud to unveil the Kiki Tiara, combining her love of classic jewellery and elegant modern craftsmanship. An increase in bridal clients coupled with Kiki’s own personal experience of how it felt to wear a tiara were what inspired her to design this special, one-off piece. The design, which replicates a cosmic explosion of stars, is classical with a modern twist and well suited to contemporary or traditional brides.

The Kiki Tiara was selected by Sotheby’s to feature in their exhibition showcasing a ‘Panoply of Legendary Aristocratic Tiaras with British & European Royal Provenance’, it ran from the 28th of May to the 15th of June, where it was presented as a modern take on a classic piece of jewellery. The exhibition celebrated tiaras worn at significant events and weddings throughout British history and was dedicated to highlighting the extraordinary artistry and craftsmanship involved in the creation of these timeless pieces. Kiki joined Sotheby’s expert Kristian Spofforth in a live conversation on the place of tiaras in jewellery design, from past to present. Kiki also participated in Carol Wooltons podcast 'If jewels could talk'  discusssing Royal & Aristocratic Tiaras.





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Behind the scenes of our Tiara shoot featuring actress and film producer Rosie Fellner.