Exploration of Colour: Jewellery to Beat the Winter Blues

Exploration of Colour: Jewellery to Beat the Winter Blues

Has the cold weather got you feeling down? The dark mornings and minimal sunlight can have a dramatic effect on our mood, which is why turning to bright colours when getting dressed in the morning is one way to conquer the January Blues. ‘Dopamine dressing’ has been at the centre of much psychological research over the past few years, with studies showing that wearing colour can increase your dopamine (a neurotransmitter that affects motivation, satisfaction, and pleasure) and therefore improve a person’s mood. We have pulled together a selection of our most colourful pieces, so you can tackle the January Blues in style.

Our Candy collection showcases a selection of beautiful gemstones and is inspired by our favourite sweet treat. These Citrine and Diamond Earrings are the perfect pop of colour to liven up a winter look, and golden-hued citrine will make you feel as if summer is on the horizon. A gem known for its good energy, citrine is said to attract prosperity and success, so it is the perfect stone to have close to you at the beginning of a new year. Pair these drop earrings with the matching Candy Citrine and Diamond Gold Pendant for an extra dopamine hit.

Candy Collection

Featuring a kaleidoscope of colour, our Kiki Classics collection spotlights an array of vibrant gems. A bold cocktail ring is a great way of adding style and personality to any outfit and we have a wide selection of colourful styles to choose from. Our Peridot Ripple Ring in 18ct yellow gold showcases an eye-catching grass-green gem, perfect for wearing with contrasting colours or for elevating monochrome outfits. Green has connotations of new beginnings and growth, so this ring will give you the energy you need to be the best version of yourself this year.



Our Forget-Me-Not collection was inspired by Kiki’s favourite wildflowers and features beautiful gemstones set in yellow gold. The soft hue of lavender amethyst is ideal for when you want to wear a pop of colour but don’t want it to overpower the rest of your outfit. These Forget-Me-Not Lavender Amethyst Detachable Earrings are the perfect subtle accessory, and the balancing properties of amethyst will help you remain focused and calm for the year ahead.

Sometimes one colour isn’t enough, which is why our Signatures gold bracelets are the perfect choice for colour lovers. This Green Amethyst and Pink Tourmaline Bracelet showcases two enchanting gemstones and is perfect for wearing alone or for adding to your wrist stack. Tourmaline is known as the stone of art and creativity, so not only will this bracelet look good on your wrist, it will also help inspire new ideas and encourage your creative juices to flow.

Improve your mood and style simultaneously this January with bright, colourful fine jewellery. Explore our collections now and find the perfect piece for a well-deserved winter dopamine boost.