Something Old, Something New, Something Different

Something Old, Something New, Something Different

The most exciting day of your life is fast approaching, you have the dress, you’ve sent your save-the-dates, and it is now time to plan your wedding jewellery.

Why not explore something a little different? Match the colour of your earrings to your flowers or bridesmaids dresses for wedding pictures that pop, or opt for tones that bring out the colour of your eyes. Adding a subtle burst of colour to a pure white bridal look is a stylish way of incorporating your personality into your dream look.



What could be better than pastel pink for the blushing bride? Morganite represents unconditional love, thought to strengthen the emotion and help heal previous hurt. The beautiful pink of morganite is ideal for a spring wedding, the colour comparable to the soft hue of a blooming pink rose. Add morganite as an accent to your diamond engagement ring.

Morganite Wedding Jewellery


Lavender Amethyst

A beautiful light purple, lavender amethyst looks wonderful in both white and yellow gold. St Valentine is said to have worn an amethyst ring, making amethyst a stone loved and admired by the legendary saint of love. Said to prevent intoxication, this is a handy gemstone to have on you when the champagne is readily flowing at the wedding reception. 


Citrine Earrings in Yellow Gold

Perfect for a November wedding, citrine is a golden orange to match the changing Autumn leaves. A gemstone that encourages new beginnings, citrine will surround the promise of forever with a golden glow. The warm tone will make hazel eyes pop and bring extra sunshine to a time of year when the weather isn’t so reliable. A wonderful companion to your diamond jewellery.


Blue Topaz

 Blue earrings for a bride, wedding day jewellery

Perfect for your ‘something blue’, Kiki’s Blue Topaz Necklace and Blue Topaz Earrings are a pure, calming sky-blue. The idea of wearing a token piece of blue on your wedding day stems from an old English rhyme, ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’, the colour symbolic of faithfulness, modesty and love.


Green Amethyst

Green amethyst earrings

Green amethyst is one of Kiki’s most loved gemstones, the understated green tones of these amethyst earrings are the perfect for a pop of colour that works with white but won’t overpower it. A gemstone known for its power to eradicate negativity and promote a joyful outlook on life, green amethyst will set you up for a future filled with happiness and light.



Why let the dress do all the talking? Kiki’s unique pieces will make you the most glamorous bride of the season. Created from rare, perfectly cut gemstones, these pieces are one-of-a-kind and designed to stand out. Amp up your ‘something blue’ with our Kiki Unique Aquamarine Diamond Long Drop Earrings in 18ct White Gold or, if you’re opting for colour, why not go all out with our Kiki Unique Beryl, Morganite and Diamond Earrings in White Gold. This cocktail ring also makes a statement, with its vivid blue centre stone.



Pearls have adorned the ears and necks of brides for centuries. Greek mythology associated the iridescent white of pearls with love and marriage, believing they could bring harmony to relationships. In Ancient Rome, pearls symbolised wealth and status, the precious oceanic creation prized and loved above most gemstones. Today, pearl jewellery is still worn by brides, subtle and delicate, often passed down by mothers and grandmothers for the special day. Whilst they have come to mean something different in the modern age, the tradition of wearing pearls has not dated.

Here at Kiki McDonough we believe pearls are still important today, but love to add a twist to pearl earrings. Why not combine pearls with colour, like our Pearl Drops with Blue Topaz and Diamonds in Yellow Gold, or with a glamorous diamond design such as our Pearl and Diamond ‘Eva’ Earrings in White Gold.

You will always cherish the jewellery you wear on your wedding day, so, whether you want to wear something classic or switch up your bridal look with a modern twist, we have something perfect for you.