Yellow Gold Jewellery Perfect for Summer Nights

Yellow Gold Jewellery Perfect for Summer Nights

Warm-toned and a perfect match for your sun-kissed skin, yellow gold is the metal of the summer. Spoilt for choice? We have collated our picks of 18ct yellow gold jewellery for you to wear on these warm summer evenings.

 Some laidback evenings require understated pieces, and our Grace collection strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and elegance. With a selection of round and pear-cut colourful gemstone necklaces and earrings, this collection is the one you will reach for again and again. Our Grace Necklace in Blue Topaz with a halo of diamonds is a perfect pop of colour, and just the right amount of sparkle.

A stunning yellow gold necklace featuring Blue Topaz, perfect for a luxurious summer look 

Our Lauren collection was inspired by prima ballerina Lauren Cuthbertson’s magnificent performance in Alice in Wonderland. A collection of delicate leaf-motif pieces, these pavé Diamond Earrings are a glittering accessory for a night-time trip to the ballet.

 Yellow gold earrings adorned with diamonds, ideal for a glamorous summer ensemble

Not one to hide from the limelight? Our Signatures collection has been created for those who like to make a statement, and there is no better season for eye-catching arm candy than summer. If you want to emulate the blazing sun, our Citrine and Fire Opal Tennis Bracelet will make a dazzling addition to your light summer evenings.

 A yellow gold bracelet with Citrine and Fire Opal, a luxurious accessory for the summer season

A trip to the Bayou in New Orleans inspired the enchanting Firefly collection, and Kiki fondly remembers the colour-changing lights the fireflies created as they danced majestically on the surface of the water. Designed to reflect that otherworldly charm, the Green Amethyst and Diamond Firefly 18ct gold Pendant is the ideal accompaniment for your summer travels.

A bold complement to your bright summer dress, our fire opal and diamond Jazz Cocktail Ring will heat up your big summer event. The perfect season for making big style statements, a cocktail ring with a striking burst of colour will make the impact you are after.

A statement ring featuring Fire Opal, adding a touch of summer warmth.

A year-round staple, our Classic Diamond Hoop Earrings are the most versatile and wearable piece you will own. Worn solo or with a pair of our Detachable Drop Earrings, these hoops are subtle yet sophisticated. Pair them with our lavender amethyst cushion drops for a pastel look that will take you effortlessly from day to night.

Enriched with memory and nostalgia, just like summer’s past, the central motif of Kiki’s Lace collection is based on an old brooch of her grandmother’s. The brooch in question was an intricate diamond creation, reminiscent of hand-sewn French Chantilly lace. Our Lace Detachable Earrings will add a touch of sophistication to your look, ready for you to make summer memories of your own.

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