Introducing our birthstones collection

Introducing our birthstones collection

As we begin a new year, we look for ways to make the year to come happier and healthier than the last. Since ancient times, gemstones have been used as a talisman for good fortune and to protect from harm. Kiki has long been interested in birthstones and their history, each said to have mystical powers specific to those born in their month. She wanted to incorporate them into a modern yet timeless design, making them the perfect gift for that special someone.

The collection centres around a stunning and classic pendant design, featuring two interlocking delicate 18ct Yellow Gold discs that encapsulate each birthstone. Six small Diamonds surround the stone, adding a touch of brightness to highlight the stone’s individuality and vibrancy. Stones include Pearl, Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Aquamarine and many more…


January – Garnet

The name of the stone ‘Garnet’ was derived from the Latin word granatum, meaning seed due to the gemstone’s resemblance to the red hues of the pomegranate seed. In ancient times, Garnet was used as a talisman by warriors to protect them when going into battle. The ancient Egyptians viewed it as the symbol to life and used it throughout their jewellery, with some artefacts dating back to 3100BC.

February – Amethyst

The name ‘Amethyst’ is derived from the Ancient Greek word methustos, meaning intoxicated, as it was originally believed by the ancient Greeks and Romans to protect the wearer from drunkenness. Amethyst is also said to promote courage, peace and stability. The stone has long been associated with royalty and is found throughout many artefacts dating back to ancient Queens and Kings.

March – Aquamarine

The name of the stone ‘Aquamarine’ is derived from Aqua and Marine, meaning water and the sea respectively, due to it’s stunning blue hues. The stone was often used by sailors to protect them from rough seas and to calm their minds. Since then, aquamarine is often gifted to brides at weddings as it is said to symbolise unity and love.

Blue Topaz December Birthstone Pendant in Yellow Gold

April – Diamond

Diamonds are the world’s most treasured stone due to their rarity and individual qualities. They form deep beneath the earth’s crust, until they are forced to the surface, unveiling their beauty. In ancient times Diamonds were so intriguing that it was believed they were formed when lightning hit rocks, giving them mysterious healing powers. In modern times, they represent eternal love and are often given as a symbol of unity.

May – Emerald

The name Emerald, is derived from smaragdus in Greek, literally translated to ‘green’. Associated with the goddess Venus, Emeralds are supposed to represent love and beauty. Their soft, green colour evokes serenity and calm, keeping the wearer free from worry. Emeralds were famously treasured by Cleopatra, who was said to be constantly adorned in the vibrant, green stones, even having her own mines for a constant supply.

June – Pearl

Pearls are unique to the other birthstones because they are the only gemstone to be created by a living animal. The lustrous, elegant stone is produced by a mollusc that deposits calcium carbonate to create this unique gemstone. According to ancient Persian legend, they believed pearls were formed when a rainbow met the land. Pearls have long been treasured as a symbol of loyalty, purity and protection.

Peridot Gemstones

July – Ruby

As early as 200BC, Rubies were used to adorn the armour of Chinese noblemen to protect them from danger and were often buried underneath the foundations of their buildings for good luck. Rubies not only grant protection, they are also a symbol of passionate, enduring love and are often gifted from husband to wife on their wedding day.

August – Peridot

Peridot is quite literally ‘out of this world’, as it has been found in meteorites that have struck the Earth. It is also unique in that it is one of the few gemstones that exists in one colour, a stunning shade of green, and is said to instil confidence and assertion in the wearer. Ancient Hawaiian folklore suggests that Peridot are tears of the Goddess Pele, a goddess of volcanoes and fire, as Peridot is believed to be pushed to the surface deep from the earth’s crust via volcanic activity.

September – Sapphire

Sapphire has been long associated with spirituality, wisdom and the divine, with many religions using the stone during worship for guidance. Throughout the ages, Sapphires have been linked to royalty, with many medieval kings wearing them in battle, as well as its large presence in the modern-day British Royal family’s jewellery collections. Sapphire is also the traditional gift for those celebrating their 5th or 45th anniversary of marriage.

November Birthstone Citrine Pendant in Yellow Gold

October – Tourmaline

Tourmaline is an exceptionally striking stone and its raw form can display a broad spectrum of bright and vibrant colours. Tourmaline is referred to as a ‘receptive’ stone, as it is said to be calming, soothing and spiritual, and it often used by Shamans in healing practises. It is also the stone commonly given as a gift for the 8th wedding anniversary.

November – Citrine

Citrine is a member of the quartz family and ranges from a stunning sunshine yellow, to honey-orange due to the presence of iron. Due to it’s beautiful colour, the stone is said to carry the characteristics of the sun, improving mood and self-confidence. Citrine is said to be a cleansing stone of both the mind and body, providing energy and invigoration. Ancient Chinese legend used to call Citrine “the stone of success”, only to be worn by those with extreme traits of generosity.

December – Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz replicates the deep blue colour of the ocean and is said to have the same calming effects as the sounds of the ocean. The stone is said to promote relaxation and the calming of nerves in fraught situations. It is often gifted between lovers due to its reputation for eternal romance and deep emotional attachment.

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