Dopamine Dressing for Spring

Dopamine Dressing for Spring

Spring has arrived with the promise of lighter evenings and warmer weather ready to lift our mood. If you have not heard of dopamine dressing, it is the art of wearing colour to increase motivation, satisfaction, and joy that has been at the forefront of much scientific research over the past few years. So, give yourself the best chance of happiness this Spring with colourful fine jewellery to boost your dopamine levels.  

The colour of freshly cut grass, peridot is a striking, yellow-toned green and was once referred to as the ‘gem of the sun’ by Ancient Egyptians. Thought to cleanse the mind and bring happiness and creativity to its wearer, peridot is the perfect gemstone for dopamine dressing. Our Grace peridot and diamond ring  in 18ct yellow gold features a gleaming round-cut peridot gemstone, perfect for a joyful pop of colour. Pair this statement ring with our Grace peridot and diamond bracelet  for a vibrant jewellery set that will always remind you of the joy of spring. 

One of Kiki’s favourite gemstones, fire opal symbolises passion and is thought to intensify one’s inner fire. Look no further than this blazing stone to ignite your spirits Our Special Editions fire opal and diamond ring  in 18ct yellow gold will make a spectacular addition to any jewellery collection, and a cocktail ring will always elevate an outfit. For a further dopamine rush, pair this ring with our Kiki Cushion fire opal and diamond pendant  and our Grace fire opal and diamond heart stud earrings  in 18ct yellow gold. A full red look to liven up your outfit and mood simultaneously. 

To celebrate the incoming warm weather, citrine is a golden syrupy colour that embodies the warm rays of springtime sun. Thought to emit good energy and attract prosperity and success, citrine is the perfect gemstone to have on you  to inspire positivity. These Florence  citrine flower stud earrings are the epitome of spring and will bring endless joy to whoever wears them. Pair these gold earrings with our Kiki Classics citrine ripple ring in 18ct yellow gold or mix and match with other Kiki gemstones. 

Kiki has been playing with contrasting colours for decades, ever since spotting an eye-catching green and blue tutu in the ballet ‘Sleeping Beauty’ which resulted in the popular peridot and blue topaz double oval earrings. Inject an extra dose of colour with our Kiki Classics earrings - inspired by the original double oval design and a vivid nod to spring. For a much-needed dopamine boost, this collection has exactly what you are looking for. 

Explore our vibrant fine jewellery collections for dopamine dressing this spring, so you can enter this new season with joyful enthusiasm.