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Diamonds are for April

Those lucky enough to be born in April can claim diamond as their birthstone, a coveted gemstone celebrated as a ‘girl's best friend’. Diamonds have been adored for centuries for their incredible sparkle and link to love and commitment, often gifted to mark occasions and to celebrate significant events. Thought to improve clarity and restore balance, diamond is the stone of inner strength as well as eternal love.
Kiki Diamonds
The first recorded diamond engagement ring belonged to Mary of Burgundy, given to her by Archduke Maximillian of Austria in 1477, so the tradition of giving a diamond to mark a commitment to marriage dates back almost 550 years. In the modern day, diamonds still symbolise love and significance and are often gifted to loved ones for special occasions such as engagements, birthdays, and anniversaries, whilst also representing the birthstone for April. Here at Kiki McDonough, we believe in the tradition of gifting and wearing diamonds, the precious gemstone adding glamour and brightness to your day. 
Kiki Diamonds
Our Kiki Diamonds collection showcases the spectacular sparkle of April’s birthstone in eye-catching, sophisticated designs. For special occasions, our Kiki Diamonds earrings in 18ct white gold replicate a starburst and catch the light, perfect for adding a sparkling statement to your black-tie look.
Diamond Earrings
If you prefer understated diamonds, our Kiki Little Diamonds collection features everyday pieces, birthstone jewellery that can take you from a day at the office to drinks in the evening. For a subtle diamond look, our Kiki Diamonds Eden bracelet in 18ct white gold is perfect for stacking or for wearing alone and can be paired with our Kiki Diamonds interlinking stud earrings. 
Eden Bracelet
Often used as a sparkling halo to Kiki McDonough’s coloured gemstones, diamonds are perfect for accentuating the beauty of other gemstones to everyday pieces. Our Kiki Cushions collection features detachable earrings, pendants, and necklaces with cushion-cut gemstones surrounded by diamonds, ideal if you are born in April and want birthstone jewellery with a bit of colour. If you’re after something a little bolder, our Special Editions collection is your go-to for statement gemstone jewellery accompanied by dazzling diamonds. 
Special Editions Collection
Whether you’re born in April or simply adore this radiant gemstone, add a touch of allure to your jewellery box this month with our diamond birthstone jewellery.