Jewellery Care

Jewellery Care

How to care for your Kiki Jewellery

Kiki’s gemstones are durable and if looked after can last a lifetime. We recommend you do not wear the pieces when applying creams and perfumes. Always remove before swimming, showering or exercising. This way your pieces will maintain their lustrous look. To keep your pieces clean we advise to regularly brush over the pieces with a soft baby toothbrush in water with a little detergent to break up any build up.

How best to store your jewellery

  • Jewellery is ideally stored in a KIKI jewellery box.
  • Protect your jewellery in the original KIKI box, or in a fabric lined pouch.
  • Keep pieces apart so that they do not rub together or tangle, particularly diamonds with other stones.
  • Always lay jewellery flat.
  • Take care not to drop, bash or scratch. Remember that fine jewellery should be treated lovingly.

Care of Pearls

  • Store pearls separately in a fabric pouch as they can be easily scratched by other
    metals and gemstones.
  • Always put on your scent or hairspray and let it dry before you put on your pearls as they can ruin the lustre of the pearls.
  • Do not clean using any chemicals or ultrasonic cleaner. Use a soft damp cloth, and always allow the pearls to fully dry before storing away.
  • Pearls are strung on silk thread which will wear over time, so do check for any noticeable signs of abrasions, and get them re-strung if they look vulnerable.