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All designs are purchased as a pair.
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Create your own Kiki Earrings with our Hoop and Drop builder - choose your favourite tailored Kiki Hoops with a variety of unique Detachable drops. All designs are purchased as a pair.

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Kiki Your Way

Real Kiki Bride

A radiant Kiki Bride, Emma, wearing our Grace Blue Topaz Detachable Drops.

Ascot Feature

Petrina pictured wearing our Grace White Topaz Detachable Drops at Ascot.

Real Kiki Bride

The lovely Abi wearing Mini Cushion Citrine Drops at her autumn wedding.

Ascot Feature

Flora looking gorgeous in our Peridot Cushion Detachable Drops during Ascot.



Great idea to have hoops that can be worn with detachable drops.

Alison S
United Kingdom

A luxurious gift with a modern take on the classic heart motif. With a detachable charm, these earrings can be dressed up for date night or dressed down for a Sunday stroll.

Your Day Magazine
Press Feature

As a bride who loves autumn, the Mini Citrine and Diamond Cushion Drops were the perfect compliment to my wedding theme and were brought to life when pictured with my flowers and bridesmaids in Burnt orange

Abi S
London, UK

These beauties will be sure to brighten your jewellery box, too. If you buy just one pair of hoops, make it these detachable gems - the ultimate best of both worlds.

Luxury London
Press Feature

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