Jewellery Care

How to care for your Kiki Creations

  • We advise cleaning your jewellery often, with nothing more than a very soft brush such as a toothbrush, a drop of mild dish soap and warm water (except for pearls, emeralds and opals). Avoid the use of any jewellery dips or ultrasonic cleaners as these can be harmful to the gemstones and the metal.
  • When storing your Kiki pieces, it is important that you keep your items separate from each other to avoid scratching, tangling and stretching. We recommend storing them in one of our Kiki jewellery boxes or wrapping them in either tissue or soft cloth.
  • Please apply any perfumes, creams, or hairspray before putting on your jewellery and ensure these have dried first as they can be damaging to our gemstones.
  • We advise removing your jewellery when doing any tasks that may involve any physical contact such as gardening or playing sports, and before encountering any harsh chemicals like cleaning products or chlorine. Our coloured gemstones are softer on the Mohs Hardness Scale than diamonds and therefore do require more care and attention.
  • Gold is a relatively soft metal, so all jewellery needs to be treated with care, especially rings which are more susceptible to knocks. Over time, gold, especially the metal around stone settings (such as the claws), can wear down or sustain damage. Hinges on hoops can loosen and wear over use. We offer a repair service for when your Kiki jewellery needs a little TLC or refurbishment, so please do contact us if you would like to use this.
If you have any concerns or questions surrounding any of your pieces, please contact for advice before continuing to wear them.


How to care for your Kiki Hoops

  • When you put on your hoops, make sure you hear a click! All our hoops should ‘click’ when you put them on, so do listen out for this to ensure they are closed correctly to avoid losing them or a detachable drop.
We do recommend bringing your hoops in for an annual check-up. This can be done in-store or can be arranged by contacting


How to care for your Kiki Pearls

  • Pearls require different care and attention to the rest of your jewellery. Pearls love the natural oils on your skin which help maintain their lustre. If you do wish to clean them, you can gently wipe them with a damp cloth.
  • Strong chemicals found in perfumes, creams or hairspray will be damaging to the pearls’ nacre and can cause them to lose their lustre. Once the lustre has gone, they cannot be re-polished.
  • Please store your pearls separately from the rest of your jewellery and avoid contact with anything that can scratch them.
  • Pearls are organic and therefore can dehydrate if they are stored long-term without coming into contact with moisture in the air. We advise not to store them in plastic bags, safes, or deposit boxes as a long-term solution.
  • We advise that any pearls should be restrung every one to four years depending on wear. To arrange this, either bring them into our flagship store in Chelsea or contact us at
Please note, we guarantee our jewellery for 12 months after purchase against manufacturing defects and faults. This does not cover accidental damage or general wear and tear.
If you have any further questions on jewellery care, please do get in touch with us at where our expert team can provide you with all the advice you need. You are also welcome to bring your pieces to us annually to have them professionally cleaned.

We hope you love wearing your new Kiki McDonough jewellery!