Kiki McDonough at Chelsea in Bloom

Kiki McDonough at Chelsea in Bloom

Kiki McDonough Chelsea in Bloom Display 2019 Octopus

If you go down to Symons Street, you’re in for a big surprise, and one you certainly won’t be expecting, in the shape of… “A massive pink octopus!” Kiki reveals, today unveiling a larger-than-life, pretty-in-pink creature from the deep for Chelsea in Bloom. “Its body takes up the top part of the window and the tentacles hang down round the jewellery showcases. There are bubbles, of course, and an orange lobster hanging off one of the tentacles – one of my favourite foods!” Kiki adds, smiling.

Chelsea in Bloom, the brilliantly alternative floral art show, is back once again, taking over the streets of Chelsea, London, with an array of creative and eye-catching displays. Kiki was delighted by this year’s choice of theme. “Under the Sea gives me scope to use a huge amount of colour. I love snorkelling and on a recent trip to the Bahamas, I saw every colour of the rainbow – the fish were like gemstones. It was quite astonishing, and inspiring.”

There is also, as Kiki points out, “a great buzz in the area at this time of year because of Chelsea Flower Show – hundreds and hundreds of people walk past us, and it’s just the most fantastic atmosphere. We’re thrilled to be part of it!”

Last year’s homage to the Summer of Love, which won a Gold award, was a larger-than-life floral Chelsea Girl, styled in a fabulous hat and 60s style jumpsuit. 2017’s Floral Safari tribute, featuring a bright pink giraffe towering over the shop window, was also Highly Commended.

If you like Kiki’s outrageously pink octopus, head to the Chelsea in Bloom website before midnight on 23 May to cast your vote for the People’s Champion Award. And if you visit the area to admire Chelsea in Bloom for yourself, do tag your images with @kikimcdonough and #chelseainbloom. Enjoy!