Delve into December's Blue Hues

Delve into December's Blue Hues

For those lucky enough to be born in the festive month of December, you have a variety of beautiful gems to choose from. Tanzanite and blue topaz are amongst the chosen December birthstones, and we have them showcased in beautiful fine jewellery designs.

A gemstone so rare it can only be found in Tanzania, tanzanite was only discovered in 1967 and was named by Tiffany & Co. after its country of origin. In the short time since its discovery, tanzanite has risen in popularity and was assigned the birthstone of December in 2002. A premium tanzanite can rival the deep blue of prized sapphires and when paired with white gold and diamonds, it is a stone destined for special occasions. This striking gemstone is said to promote inner strength and allows for a strong connection to creativity.

Our Trilliant Tanzanite and Diamond Drop Earrings will be the perfect accompaniment to your festive celebrations, whether you are a December baby or just adore this eye-catching gem. For a complementary bold cocktail ring, look no further than our Marquise Tanzanite and Diamond Ring in 18ct white gold, ideal for party season.

Blue topaz is one of Kiki McDonough’s favourite gemstones and features in many of our jewellery collections. Topaz was first discovered by Romans on the island once known as Topazios in the Red Sea and comes in countless colours and shades including yellow, pink, pale green and red. Historically, topaz was looked upon to cure illnesses by South American tribes and in the Middle Ages, it was thought to break curses. Blue topaz is said to help communication and improve wisdom and its subtle light blue hue makes it an extremely wearable gemstone.

Our December Birthstone Pendant features a sparkling blue topaz gemstone between two clusters of diamonds. Perfect for gifting to your loved one for their December birthday, this pendant will give them clarity for the year ahead. For something a little more statement, our Signatures Blue Topaz and Diamond Drop Earrings feature a large cushion-cut stone hanging from an oval blue topaz stud, surrounded by sparkling diamonds. It is guaranteed to make a sartorial statement.

Calming, serene blue is the chosen colour for December. Whether you prefer a lighter, sky-blue hue like blue topaz or the deeper, more intense shade of tanzanite, we have the perfect gemstone jewellery for you. Explore our collections now for more birthstone jewellery styles.