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About Kiki

Established in 1985, Kiki McDonough has been creating colourful, innovative gemstone and contemporary jewellery designs for nearly forty years. Born from a desire to create modern jewellery for modern women, Kikis creativity and craftmanship have made her an important name in the luxury jewellery sphere.

 Kiki offers stylish women something different, mixing unusual colours together. Worn by multiple generations of the British Royal Family, Kikis designs are both classic and timeless. Her first creation, a pair of heart-shaped crystal earrings with a diamond bow, is on display in the Victoria Albert Museum’s permanent jewellery collection as an example of pioneering modern jewellery. 

"I've always been inspired by the extraordinary colours of precious gemstones. Many of the colour combinations I use in my designs have been inspired by the ballet which is my other passion. My goal has always been to create pieces to be loved and worn by every woman"

-Kiki McDonough

Kiki's Interests

Kiki is a huge supporter of Liverpool FC, and a patron of The Royal Ballet. Kiki finds her inspiration in many places. Her popular blue topaz and peridot double oval earrings were inspired by the tutus in a performance of Sleeping Beauty, and it is no wonder her favourite gemstone is fire opal when her football team play in red. A fifth-generation jeweller and the first woman in that line, Kiki grew up around beautiful fine jewellery, inspiring in her an ambition to share this joy and wonderment with others.  

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