Victoria Cator

Victoria Cator

We are thrilled to introduce our latest instalment in our Kiki Women Series, the wonderful Victoria Cator, Creator and Founder of Victoria Cator London. We caught up with Victoria at her stylish London home to hear more about her incredible career story, how she came to start her renowned luxury fragrance brand and what the future holds.




Can you tell us a little more about yourself and what inspired you to set up your business? 

I started off my career working for the government. I spent 5 years working in Hong Kong and then in New York. I then had a complete change of direction and took up a Job at Tiffanys, launching their china and glass department in London. I was then head hunted by Christian Lacroix to run their London store.

After marrying in the mid 90’s, I fell pregnant with my first son, and decided to do an Art Foundation course at Christies. I set up my interior design business in 1997. I have always had a passion for fragrance having spent many holidays in Grasse as a child and wanted to created my own fragrances redolent of my memories. After two years of development I launched my scented candle range ‘Victoria Cator London’ in November 2016.


What have you found the biggest challenges to be? 

Finding the right manufacturer for my products that could carry out my inspiration for the brand in terms of quality and performance.


What three words would you to describe yourself?

Passionate, Patient, Optimistic


What has been your greatest achievement?

Being a mother to my two sons


What makes you feel powerful? 

Turning spaces into inviting homes and scenting them accordingly!


What advice would you give to your younger self?

Stop being so hard on yourself


What are your greatest sources of inspiration? 

I continue to draw inspiration from so many things whether a beautiful picture or a random object in a junk shop but more often than not its the places that I have visited over the years.

What best describes your style?

Classically pared down.


Do you have a favourite piece of Kiki jewellery? 

Yes, a three string citrine pearl necklace with interspersed gold balls that was given to me in the late 90’s along with a pair of matching citrine and amber earrings. They compliment each other so well.

What’s next for you and the brand? 

We are working towards launching an exciting bath collection in 2022.