Accessorise with Style: Which Barbie are you?

Accessorise with Style: Which Barbie are you?

When it comes to style, Barbie knows best. The most anticipated movie of the summer, Greta Gerwig’s ‘Barbie’ has taken over the fashion world with a host of pink-hued outfits and Barbie doll-inspired looks. Meticulous when it comes to accessorising, Barbie has not only taught us to embrace our love for pink but to finish off every outfit with jewellery that makes it pop. Feeling inspired by Barbie-fever? Whether you’re channeling party Barbie, glam Barbie, or feeling a little more like casual Barbie, Kiki has the perfect pink gemstone style for every occasion. 

Jazz Morganite Ring

Party Barbie: When attending glamorous parties, Party Barbie knows how to steal the show. For this occasion, sparkle is key. Opt for statement diamond earrings that catch the light and draw attention to your face. Large Hoop Earrings adorned with dazzling diamonds are perfect for adding a touch of glamour. Pair them with a pop of pink with our Morganite Ripple Ring, or layer up delicate bracelets for a party-ready look. 

Disco Barbie, Pink Barbie 2023 Jewellery Guide



Casual Barbie: For a more laid-back event or a casual weekend in town, this Barbie channels jewellery that is stylish yet wearable - A pair of dainty stud earrings, classic Pearl Drop Earrings and Multi-Gemstone Necklaces add a subtle touch of sophistication. A delicate drop pendant, or a stack of 18ct gold bracelets, are also great choices to achieve casual Barbie's style. 


Glamorous Barbie: When the occasion calls for high octane glamour, this Barbie knows how to make a grand entrance. Go all out with bold, Statement Earrings featuring intricate designs and exceptional gemstones from our annualy updated Special Editions collection. Accessorise with one of our Jazz Cocktail Rings and an opulent Signature necklace to elevate glamorous Barbie's ensemble for the most talked about style at the party. 


Fashion-forward Barbie: This Barbie loves experimenting with trends and she is all about making a bold fashion statement. Layered necklaces in different lengths and textures will create a chic and timeless look - our Lauren and Kiki Classics collections perfectly fit the bill. Stacked bracelets and bangles with colourful gemstones such as Blue Topaz and Peridot champion Barbiecore style. Our Rubellite and Blue Topaz Jazz ring will give you that perfectly pink glow. 

Romantic Barbie: When romance is in the air, romantic Barbie loves to embrace hues of pink and red. Opt for pastel gemstones like Morganite to complete the soft and dreamy Barbie look, or, if you want a gemstone that exudes passion, fire opal is the blazing companion to your Ken-filled heart. 

So, whichever Barbie fits your mood, we have the perfect fine jewellery to elevate your outfit to Barbie's style standards. And, if we have learnt anything from the trend that’s taking the world by storm, it is to wear whatever makes us feel as if we can float from the rooftop and dance the night away.