Celebrate International Dog Day with Our New Memories Bracelets

Celebrate International Dog Day with Our New Memories Bracelets

The perfect excuse to celebrate your furry friend, International Dog Day is just around the corner on the 26th of August. To commemorate these loveable animals, we have launched three new Memories bracelets. Created in 18ct yellow gold with delicate diamond detail, they are designed to remind you of a special time, place or person. So, wear your heart on your sleeve and take your pooch with you, even when the event calls for a human only guestlist.  

Long Haired Dachshund 

With their long bodies and short legs, Dachshunds epitomise the moniker ‘pampered pooch’. Nicknamed ‘sausage dog’ for their length, these enthusiastic little dogs will be the most loyal friend you could ever hope to have. Sausage dog owners are known to be incredibly passionate about the breed and this bracelet will be a prized addition to the themed pieces already dotted around Dachshund households.  

 Jack Russell 

First bred as fox hunting dogs in the 1700s by a hunting enthusiast named Reverend John “Jack” Russell, these energetic pooches have sweet flappy ears and distinctive white and brown fur. Our delicate Jack Russell gold bracelet has sparkling diamond ears, so your jewellery can be nearly as special as your dog. 


Norfolk Terrier 

Short and fluffy, Norfolk Terriers are playful and mischievous dogs. If you own this breed, you know that these pooches can be independent but still love to be loved. Highly active, a Norfolk Terrier enjoys nothing more than a walk with their owner and running manically around the garden. This diamond bracelet is the perfect choice for transitioning from your long dog walk to dinner and drinks.  

If your dog isn’t represented in our bracelets, not to worry! Our diamond paw print bracelet is a dazzling nod to all breeds, or the perfect choice for the dog-lover who just can’t choose.

So, if you’re planning on celebrating man’s best friend on the 26th of August, treat yourself to one of our Memories bracelets and make everyday a dog celebration.