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Discover Gemstones of Love

Celebrate this Valentine’s Day in true Kiki McDonough fashion, with vibrant gemstone jewellery being your number one companion, however you choose to spend the occasion.  

Whether you’re looking for a Valentine’s gift to honour a romantic evening, sparkly gemstone jewellery to wear for Galentines or, simply, a little self-purchase (because why not?) Here are three gemstones said to signify and attract love, to gift or wear this Valentine’s Day.  


Morganite is said to symbolise heart healing and manifestation, inviting divine love and compassion into one's life. This is also a protective stone that helps to manage stress, soothe the system and safeguards the heart by maintaining its health.   

Morganite jewellery represents an iconic choice for Valentine’s Day. Make a loved one blush, or add refined elegance to an outfit with our Morganite and Diamond Earrings. Pair with the Morganite and Diamond Ring and you’ve got a match made in heaven.  
morganite earrings, morganite ring


Amethyst is thought to be a healing and calming stone, to block any negative energies by removing your fears and worries. This gemstone also helps welcome love into your life, a protective stone to turn to for healing and to open yourself up to new possibilities. 

Our Special Edition Pink Topaz, Purple Amethyst Earrings are the perfect gift to show someone they are special. For an equally luxurious piece of gemstone jewellery our Amethyst and Diamond Earrings are certain to spread the love – for jewellery 

amethyst jewellery

Pair one of these gemstone and diamond earrings with our Forget-Me-Not Green Amethyst Ring and you might just gain an extra admirer, or two.  


Finally, wearing Garnet is thought to bring you what your heart desires while also boosting your confidence to achieve your romantic wishes. It's all about fiery passion with this sumptuous stone. 

If Garnet symbolises everything you dream of this Valentine’s Day, take someone’s breath away with our drop earrings. Our Special Editions Mandarin Garnet and Diamond Detachable Drops are a winning look, paired with our timeless and versatile Kiki Hoops 

garnet jewellery

Another piece of gemstone jewellery that is certain to answer all your (or someone else's) desires this Valentine’s Day is our Special Edition Grace Garnet and Diamond Necklace. Have you fallen in love yet?  

Wherever you find yourself this Valentine’s Day, style it with our fine gemstone jewellery designed to bring joy for now and years to come.