From Concept to Creation: Our New Special Editions Collection

From Concept to Creation: Our New Special Editions Collection

Once a year, the Special Editions collection is launched, showcasing beautiful, eye-catching gemstones in contemporary fine jewellery designs. These gemstones are sourced throughout the year by Kiki and the design team, chosen for their exceptional quality and cut. This year’s Special Editions collection features tourmaline, morganite, fire opal, tanzanite and many other captivating gems.

 Special Editions - Tanzanite Earrings

A collection boasting earrings, rings and necklaces in 18ct gold, these pieces are designed to make you feel beautiful. Whether you are looking for a piece of statement gold jewellery for your next party or fancy something special you can cherish for many years, this gemstone-based collection of fine jewellery is a colourful display of earth’s small miracles.

 Our Founder, Kiki McDonough, explains the inspiration behind this incredibly special collection.

"Special Editions are all inspired by the gemstones themselves. There is no true underlying theme, only careful placement of diamonds to ensure the stone's beauty takes centre stage.

Each gem has a unique character, and it is my mission to make sure we do them justice. Naturally, there are some considerations and one of most important is the gold colour; warmer coloured stones like Peridot and Fire Opal sit beautifully in Yellow Gold, whereas cooler toned Morganite and Tanzanite are enhanced in White Gold.”  

 Special Editions Designs


If you are after a cocktail ring for the upcoming festive season, our Morganite and Pear Diamond Ring in white gold is a beautiful ballet-pink for a soft addition to your party look. If you prefer deeper tones, look no further than our magnificent Marquise Tanzanite and Diamond Ring in white gold, showcasing a gemstone so rich in colour, you won’t be able to take your eyes off it.

 Special Editions Morganite and Tanzanite Ring


Eye-catching gold earrings are what Kiki McDonough is most famous for, and this year’s Special Editions earrings are bigger and bolder than ever before. For statement earrings that will turn heads, our Fire Opal and Peridot Earrings in yellow gold are an elegant choice for your upcoming Christmas party. If you prefer stud earrings, these Multi Gemstone and Diamond Flower Earrings in yellow gold are fun and colourful, perfect for adding a splash of colour to your outfit all year round.

 Special Editions


Necklaces are a great way of showcasing your style and personality. Worn close to your heart, a necklace can quickly become sentimental, so this Triple Heart Necklace in Fire Opal and Diamond is certain to gain a special place in your jewellery box. Fancy something a little more statement? Our Blue Topaz Necklace with Fire Opal Accents in yellow gold encapsulates Kiki’s love for combining colour. Pair this short necklace with an off-the-shoulder or sweetheart neckline for a bold, glamourous look.

 Special Edition Necklaces

With over fifty spectacular fine jewellery pieces to choose from, you can shop our new Special Editions collection now.

Special Editions