Introducing Our New Jazz-Inspired Ring Collection: Bold Colours and Timeless Style 

Introducing Our New Jazz-Inspired Ring Collection: Bold Colours and Timeless Style 


We are pleased to announce the launch of our latest jewellery collection ‘Jazz’, inspired by the vibrant world of Kiki’s favourite neoclassical ballet ‘Elite Syncopations ‘(choreographed by Kenneth McMillan, score by Scott Joplin and costumes by Ian Spurling). 

Ballet has been credited with inspiring many of Kiki’s past collections, and our new ‘Jazz’ rings are no exception. Designed with the bright and colourful costumes from Elite Syncopations in mind, these rings are a nod to the spirit of the Jazz Age. Set to ragtime music, this ballet burst onto the stage in the 1970s with wit and humour. Highly energetic and creative, the dancers donned unitards with bright, gaudy colours and eye-catching designs, reflective of the dynamic choreography. Kiki’s aim was to reflect this ‘powerful riot of colour’ into her new collection, resulting in large cocktail-style rings with vivid gemstones and bold shapes. 


Colour has always been fundamental to Kiki’s collections, and she has been contrasting different gemstones and playing with colour combinations for nearing forty years. Her most colourful collection yet, ‘Jazz’ is bursting with vibrant hues, with gemstones such a grass green peridot, deep red fire opal and regal purple amethyst taking centre stage. Like jazz music, enriched with lively beats and syncopation, these rings stray from neat and definitive design, instead embracing playfulness and eccentricity. Created from 18ct recycled gold and carefully sourced gemstones, these are statement rings to liven up any outfit. 


A collection that celebrates both music and movement, our ‘Jazz’ rings have been designed to add joy to your jewellery box. With 23 styles in both white and yellow gold, and a wide selection of beautiful gemstones, there is a ring here for everyone. Looking for warm hues to sparkle in the summer heat? The fire opal ring with diamond accents is the one for you. Prefer something more suited to sophisticated evening drinks? Our emerald-cut iolite with blue topaz, spinel and diamonds will work perfectly. Fans of our colourful Kiki Classics rings will love this new collection, ideal for adding colour to an outfit, or for brightening up your evening wear. These bold, playful rings are all about inspiring creativity, and we hope they encourage you to embrace your own. 


Explore the full ‘Jazz’ collection today and discover your new favourite piece!