The Stone of New Beginnings: January’s Garnet

The Stone of New Beginnings: January’s Garnet

The New Year is here and it is time to spotlight January’s enchanting birthstone, garnet. Known for its balancing and energising properties, garnet is the perfect gem to represent the month of new beginnings. For beautiful, wearable January birthstone jewellery, we have an array of versatile pieces.

 The name ‘garnet’ originates from the Latin term granatus, which means “pomegranate,” in reference to the deep red colour this stone shares with the delicious fruit. Worn and used throughout the centuries, garnet adorned the fingers of Ancient Romans in signet rings, the carved gem used to stamp the wax seals on their letters. They were also cherished by the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, with the gem often entombed with mummies as a charm for the afterlife. Whilst a deep red is the most common hue of garnet, it can also be found in a wide variety of colours including the romantic purple-red of rhodolite garnet, the mesmerising green of tsavorite garnet and the citrusy orange of mandarin garnet.


For a deep, striking colour, rhodolite garnet is an eye-catching gem which is accentuated when surrounded by sparkling diamonds. If you are looking for a glamorous accessory to brighten up this cold month, our Grace rhodolite garnet and diamond drop earrings will be your year-round party companion. Pair them with our Grace rhodolite garnet and diamond necklace for a dazzling jewellery set.




If the citrusy hue of mandarin garnet is more to your taste, look no further than our Special Edition mandarin garnet and diamond earrings. Designed as a fun nod to the citrus fruit that inspired the name of this juicy orange gem, these earrings will add a joyful touch to any outfit. For green lovers, tsavorite garnet is a rare type of garnet and was hailed ‘the Rolls Royce of the green’ by Tiffany gemologist Harry Platt after its discovery in 1967. Our Special Edition tsavorite garnet, peridot and green tourmaline earrings combine the exquisite beauty of three green gems in a beautiful, contemporary design. Perfect for taking you from upcoming winter dinner parties to those far-off summer soirées.

If you are born in January, or simply adore the many shades of this captivating gem, explore our selection of garnet birthstone jewellery now and begin the New Year with garnet’s positive energy.