The Wimbledon Dress Code

The Wimbledon Dress Code

Coined ‘tennis bracelet’ after tennis pro Chris Evert wore a continuous row of diamonds on her wrist during her Grand Slam matches in the late 1970s, this bracelet style has been popular since the roaring twenties. Historically worn for opulent events and paired with black-tie dresses, Evert proved that fine jewellery didn’t just have to be for formal events. With diamonds glinting on her wrist and capturing the eye of audiences with every swing of her racket, the tennis bracelet became a beloved jewellery favourite that has stood the test of time.

A champion of everyday jewellery, it is no wonder the tennis style caught Kiki’s eye. Injecting her renowned love of colour combinations and playfulness into her designs, these new Signatures bracelets are a contemporary twist on a classic style. Designed with an array of colourful gemstones in 18ct yellow gold, there is a colour combination here to suit every outfit. With pairings including soft Lavender Amethyst and Dusky Pink Tourmaline, Grass-Green Peridot and Striking Fire Opal, Golden Citrine and Sky-Blue Topaz, these are bracelets that belong both on the court and in the stands. And, because you can never have enough colour, we are also launching new Signatures earrings in Blue Topaz, Green Amethyst, citrine, Lemon Quartz and amethyst. With a selection of diamond motif tops, these earrings are the perfect match to our tennis bracelets and ideal for adding a touch of joy and sophistication to your outfit.

Elegant Wimbledon-inspired bracelets

A tournament that inspires a Pimm’s-fuelled buzz each year, Wimbledon boasts the very best of British. Smart casual dress is encouraged in the stands at Wimbledon and the tournament is not only famous for its incredible tennis but also for its stylish spectators. The perfect opportunity to wear your favourite summer dress, why not add a pop of colour and switch up your look? Get inspired by our latest colour combinations and replicate this in your outfit with contrasting accessories.


With the sun beaming down and arms exposed, you could be happily indulging in strawberries and cream with one of our Signatures tennis bracelets glinting on your wrist. Or, if you feel more comfortable in monochrome, why not have the best of both worlds with some stand-out gemstone jewellery? A pair of soft-hue earrings in Blue Topaz or Green Amethyst will elevate your look and act as a nod to the summer season. 

So, whether you plan on attending Wimbledon or just fancy some colourful jewellery to wear repeatedly this summer, we have the perfect piece for you. Shop our new Signatures additions now and let us know which piece is your favourite on our socials!