Tourmaline and Opal for October

Tourmaline and Opal for October

October babies rejoice, you have two spectacular birthstones to choose from. Both tourmaline and opal are the chosen gems for this month, and they happen to be two of our favourites.

Tourmaline has been used for centuries, but before it was discovered, it was mistaken for other coloured gems. The first recorded discovery of tourmaline was in Brazil in the 1500s, where a vibrant green gemstone was mistaken for an emerald. Many red gemstones in the Russian Crown Jewels from the 17th century, once thought to be rubies, are in fact red-hued tourmalines. It is the stone of art and creativity, collected by Shakespeare, and was used as a talisman by writers and artists from the Renaissance through to the Victorian Age. Rubellite is the trade name given to dark pink and red tourmalines and can be found in a selection of Kiki McDonough designs, such as our blue topaz and rubellite gypsy ring, as their eye-catching hue makes for an enchanting pop of colour. Tourmaline can also be found in our Special Editions collection, and our Blue Tourmaline and Diamond Birthstone Ring is a cocktail ring perfect for your next special event.

October Birthstone Tourmaline

Opals have been adored for centuries, the kaleidoscopic colours that can be found in this gemstone so captivating that Arabic legend claimed opals fell from heaven in flashes of lightning and Ancient Greeks thought they bestowed the gift of prophecy. Today, opals are still treasured for their distinctive colours, and here at Kiki McDonough, opal is one of our most-loved gems. The gem of passion and creativity, opal is a beautiful birthstone to brighten up your neutral outfit. Our October Birthstone Pendant and Kiki Cushion Pink Opal Detachable Drop Earrings are an ideal choice of October birthstone pieces for those who adore pink.

Alternatively, our Grace Fire Opal and Diamond Stud Earrings are the perfect birthstone earrings if you want a subtle touch of red, or, if you want to stand out from the crowd, our Special Editions Fire Opal and Diamond Earrings are designed to replicate a flame. Guaranteed to make a fiery statement.

If you just can’t choose between these two captivating birthstones, our Special Editions Green Tourmaline, Fire Opal and Diamond Earrings are the best of both worlds. Two October birthstones in one pair of showstopping earrings. What’s not to love?

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